Lately I've been putting in overtime to develop an extensive network of first-class agent contacts throughout the region and country. My main reason for doing so is to provide the best possible service to those who relocate here from out of the immediate area.


However, I also wanted to say that my extensive relocation network will also enable me to help people like you move to another region, should you ever choose to do so.


So if you hear that any family, friends or colleagues will be relocating, please call or email me. I'd be happy to help them if they’re moving here, or arrange to have an agent in my network help them if they’re moving away.

Relocating and investing into Canada is a dream held by many people
- and it's easy to see why.

It's a country of spectacular beauty, spanning over 5,000 kilometers from the Pacific ocean to the Atlantic ocean. Between the two coasts lies a land of towering mountain ranges, rolling prairies and immense old-growth forests. This vast expanse of natural beauty is further linked by modern, cosmopolitan cities, friendly people and a truly multicultural city.

It's a country of spectacular beauty, spanning over 5,000 kilometers from the Pacific ocean to the Atlantic ocean. Between the two coasts lies a land of towering mountain ranges, rolling prairies and immense old-growth forests. This vast expanse of natural beauty is further linked by modern, cosmopolitan cities, friendly people and a truly multicultural city.

When you look just beyond Canada's beauty, you will see another very real reward: Canada is a land of great opportunity. A place where you can build a secure and prosperous future for yourself, your family and generations to come. It is a growing and dynamic country where your skills, and you as an individual, are in the highest demand.

Why you should call Canada home

  • Consistently ranked the best place in the world to live by the UN, based on the health and longevity of its citizens and their high levels of education
  • Has one of the highest standards of living in the world and is one of the G8 countries
  • Canada benefits from a modern healthcare system with equal access for all
  • Its citizens are some of the world's most educated and have access to a broad network of public and private schools, and over 100 universities and colleges
  • Canada is one of the most multicultural and tolerant places in the world, containing virtually every cultural and ethnic community.
  • A great place to do business. Canada is the largest trading partner of the U.S. and has excellent trade relationships in the Americas and around the world. Under the North American Free Trade Agreement, Canada has broad access to the entire North American market of nearly half a billion people.

Coming to Canada with the Canadian Immigrant Investor Program

Created in 1986, the immigrant investor Program has attracted over 25,000 investors to Canada, and has brought more than CAN$6 billion in direct investments to the country. It is a national program managed by Citizenship and Immigration Canada on behalf of the provinces and territories.

With the Canadian Immigrant Investor Program, your five-year investment is government guaranteed and is repaid in full, without interest (0%), at the end of the investment period.

How you can qualify

  • As an investor in the Canadian economy, you and your immediate family can gain permanent residence in Canada by satisfying the following four government selection criteria:
  • have business experience managing or operating a qualified business as defined under the regulations
  • you and your spouse have legally obtained a personal net worth exceeding CAN$800,000
  • successful completion of Canada's medical and security evaluations
  • invest CAN$400,000 for a period of five years at no interest (%0) under the Immigrant Investor Program. HSBC Global Investor Immigration Services offers attractive financing packages to assist you in completing this requirement. For more info talk to Jenny Perez at

Why you should invest in British Columbia

Gateway to the Asia-Pacific Region

While people have long been lured by British Columbia’s extraordinary beauty and mild climate, they are increasingly attracted by the province’s explosive economic growth. Almost a million kilometres square, larger than France and Germany combined, Canada’s western most province offers unbeatable opportunities to investors looking for a gateway location between North America and Asia. With incentives for investments in R&D, machinery and equipment, mining exploration, film and new media, and provincial tax credits, exemptions and deductions for business investment and innovation, BC is offering a world of opportunity for businesses looking to invest. The world will discover what BC has to offer when Vancouver/Whistler host the 2010 Olympic winter games.

Business Environment

Positive Economic Indicators:


· 6 universities, 3 university colleges, 12 community colleges and 5 provincial technology or technical institutes have shaped a high quality, diverse labour pool of 2.4 million which is continuously expanding in line with the needs of high-growth sectors

· Over 107,250 skilled workers immigrated to British Columbia between 2001 and 2006, enriching BC’s international networks, cultural diversity and multi-lingual capabilities

Other Key Advantages

· The advanced energy sector includes the largest hydrogen and fuel cell division in the world—Ballard Power Systems, representing 75% of Canadian fuel cell and hydrogen based R&D expenditures and 69% of Canada’s employment in the sector

· Close to 1,000 non-Canadian firms are serving their international customers from BC

· Vancouver ranks 4th out of 215 cities worldwide and 1st in North America for quality of living (Mercer Human Resource Consulting 2010)

Sector Strengths:

· Information and Communications Technology

· Biotechnology and Life Sciences

· Advanced Manufacturing

· Value-Added Wood Products

· Agri-Food and Fish Products

· Energy & Power Technologies

· Mining

· Contact Centres and Business Process Operations

· Film and TV Production

· Resort Tourism

Look Who’s Investing in British Columbia

· Brascan

· Business Objects

· Canadian Autoparts Toyota Inc.

· Canfor

· Catalyst

· eBay

· Electronic Arts

· Finning International

· Honeywell

· HSBC Bank Canada


· Intrawest

· Kodak

· Macdonald Dettwiler

· Microsoft

· Nokia

· PeopleSoft

· SAP Germany

· Synovate (division of Aegis PLC)

· Teck Cominco

· Teekay Shipping Canada


· Terasen

· Toyota

· West Corporation

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What are the Financing Criteria in BC?

For non-residents, the required down payments are slightly different.

1. For the first $400,000, a down payment of 35% is required.

2. For the next $300,000, a down payment of 45% is required,

3. Then 50% for the remainder.

It should be noted that lending policies at Canadian institutions vary considerably. If you are interested in the exact situation that addresses the property you are considering, please Annie De la Chevoitier at contact :


Let me know if you have any questions.


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PS. Ursula is a member of The Institute for Luxury Home Marketing as a CLHMS, achievement of the Million Dollar Guild, recognized as an "exceptional agent" in the Wall Street Journal and Barron's and "Regents of Who's Who in". Fluent in English, French and German